CASC Membership

Membership under the Community Amateur Sports Club Scheme

Currently our subscription charge for Full Membership of the Club is £1140 per year.

A prospective member of Sidcup that feels that their current financial circumstances do not allow them to pay an annual membership and associated participation costs which is greater than £520 is invited to apply to the Club in writing, demonstrating that a sum above this figure is not affordable to them.

An application would then be considered by the Sidcup Golf Club Management Committee and if accepted then an alternative fee structure will be offered according to HMRC guidelines.

Along with a written application for membership, the Club will require the following supporting documentation, which should include:

• Proof of household earnings (including income from investments or savings)
• Summary of monthly household essential living costs (eg mortgage, rent, utility bills)
• Family circumstances (eg number of children/dependants)
• Details of any state benefits received.

Applications, including documentation above, should be sent to the General Manager for consideration by the Club.